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This grocery store in the heart of Sainte-Eulalie-d’Olt, is the union of a delicatessen, a producers’ store, an organic store and a bulk store.

We have drawn on the best of each entity – according to the tastes of Nicolas – to offer you a selection of more than 1000 referencies of products.

The grocery store works with more than fifty local producers and completes the store with an organic center via Aurore Market. Finally, to complete this process, each product, insofar as its turnover is sufficient, is ordered in bulk.



Delivery to order on monday and wednesday.
Bread made from home made starter, old varieties of stone ground organic wheat and wood-fired cooking technique.

Vegetables baskets

Deli supplied from 8 market garderners from North-Est Aveyron, and fruits and vegetables are warrantied without pesticides and picked up by hand.

Available products change every week so a listing is sent by email weekly.

Meat and dairy products

Orders on monday, tuesday and wednesday.

For the meat : some porc, beef, poultry and sheep are available on shop but all pieces can be ordered. 

Dairy products : Some raw products of cow, sheep, goat and buffalo are available on shop but the whole range can be ordered. 


"click & colect" ordering

Preparation for free

Your order can be prepared on site whaterver your choices

Bike delivery

Sous conditions

For a minimum 50 €'s ticket, delivery within 2 km max. around the shop.

Delivery by van

Under conditions

For a minimum 50 €'s ticket + 1 € / km

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